Monday, February 24, 2014

"Tell your mom not to worry"

Let's start with the random unfortuante things that have happened to me this week shall we?
- Last night I shocked myself with a mosquito zapper-swatter. You have one intelligent missionary in the family. 
- Also, another lizard fell on me a couple mornings ago. This time it fell on my shoulder as I was walking into my bathroom. Convenient timing, eh? I swear the lizards are out to get me. 

Okay I think that's all I can remember. Now for the real stuff. (This email is going to be short again too. I can't remember the last time I had a decent amount of time for email. SOrry about that).

So Sister Vorn and I have decided to focus our efforts on the Less-active/Inactive members. Cuz we got LOTS. You remember me telling you about the two gigantic binders filled to the brim with less-actives for us to find and brink back from the brink of hell right? (that was a joke. less actives are not on the brink of hell. im not that crazy.) Well we got to visit one inactive member a couple times this week, and she is seriously one of my absolute FAVORITEZ. WITH A Z. She is so stinkin hilarious you would have to meet her to understand. Her name is Om Sokha, and she's probably like 75-ish. She's COMPLETELY off-the-walls insane, with the hair all crazy-like and only one tooth to match her personality. For example, this is a comment she has made to me twice: "You have such a pretty face. You look like an Arab." OR my absolute favorite is when she bursts into song singing random hymns from other churches (we think she was a jehovah's witness before) at the top of her lungs in that delightful cambodian warble. She'll also start cracking up in the middle of her prayers, which normally bugs me when people do that but with her it's just hysterical because nothing she's saying makes any sense anyway. Anywho, the reason I bring her up is because she has a special message for mommy. Out of nowhere she says to me, "You must be rich." and then proceeds to ask me if i miss home and my family. her response was "I bet your mom is really scared that you're in cambodia. Tell your mom not to worry." So that was her briefly sweet moment. It was immediately followed by her calling me an Arab for the 3rd time. I must be tanner than I thought.

Speaking of old women, do you guys remember me talking about Om Kheng? She was a member in Kampong Cham who really liked me for some reason and she calls me her child and she sniff kisses me every time she sees me. WELL, she actually has a house in Phnom Penh and sometimes she'll come to Phnom Penh for the weekend and her branch overlaps mine in our church building! So I got to see her yesterday! As per usual, she greeted me with the sniff-kiss, and she also gave me her phone number. And she wants my family to know that when i end my mission in one year and I bring my family back to cambodia, that I have to call her and she will make us dinner at her house in kampong cham. so you guys are booked over a year in advance. shes a great cook though. no parasites, i promise.

OH I HAVE MORE MOVIE NEWS. remember how i found lord of the rings 2 on dvd here for 60 cents and it was the greatest day of my mission thus far? Well I went to another 2500 store (everything is 2500 rial or 60 cents) and I found monsters university, AND THOR 2. I didnt even see commercials for thor 2 before i left!!!!! and it was totally legit. I have also heard word uttered about a so-called "Disney Pack" where you can get every single disney movie ever made for about $40. Like, 50 movies or something. I'm on the lookout, don't worry.

So here's something else I realized this week: Cambodia is literally just a Christian church free-for-all. Here, you've got your Mormons (obviously), your Jehovah's witnesses, your 7th day adventists, your catholics and all the other weird churches you can think of. (yes, the term "weird churches" also refers to the mormons.) So, yesterday we were supposed to meet with 2 of our investigators and we called them to confirm the appointment, and they were like "Uhhh we don't want to learn with you guys anymore. We're going to the Catholic church today." when Sister Vorn hung up the phone she told me what they said and I was like "Ah! Those freakin Catholics." It was supposed to be my own personal little joke since our family used to be catholic but sister vorn didn't get it obviously. she was like "Why?! are the catholics bad?!" I told her no, that the catholics are just fine, normal christians. and she goes, "But they drink the beer, yes?" and then i had to explain that we're the only ones who don't drink the beer. #mormonlyfe

Okay, here's my last story that I DEFINITELY need to tell you guys: Chanthi is one of our BM helpers, and she's super awesome. She's probably one of our poorest members, but her dad is a counselor in the bishopric and she is a sunday school teacher and she loves helping the missionaries. Plus shes hilarious. ANyway, we went to visit her family one day, and we were talking about something that I honestly cant remember at all. What I do remember is Chanthi saying this: "After my family had been members for a while, I started to get frustrated. I knew I was supposed to receive blessings from being a member of the churhc, but I looked around me and couldnt see any. I saw other members receiving blessings, and getting money and having this and that but my family doesn't have anything. I was mad at God and I couldn't understand why everyone else was getting blessings but I wasn't. And then I realized: I have a happy family. My family has love and happiness, and that is the greatest blessing of all." I was so impressed with her, not only for admitting that fact that she went through a period of time where she was angry with God because I think we all are at times, but also for realizing what true blessings are. Chanthi's family struggles a lot, and they have to work hard on their family relationships. but since their family has become focused on the gospel, their family has become happier, and since ive been in cambodia i have realized the huge importance of a happy family. work hard to develop those relationships and rely on God to help you. Focus on this church, on the gospel, and you will have the happiness that Chanthi has. I promise. Also try to recognize that your blessings may not be the ones you are always looking for. Your blessings might be hidden in other places, but they are most definitely there.There is always something to be grateful for. 

Anyway, thats all i have for today. Read Jacob 3:1-2. Have i already given you that one? maybe. 
ANyway, I love you very much. Im far away, but you're always in my prayers. I love you and miss you sooooooooooo very much.

Love, Sister Davis

One of the members is a Tuk-tuk driver, and he has the byu logo on the back haha. REPRESENT. 
Also: yes. two different days. same outfit. the photos just happened to work out that way, I'm a missionary. Condemn me not.

This is Ming Sovannary. She is a recent convert and she helpes us teach every lesson with one of our investigators. Super awesome! But I dont think she likes me very much haha. Oh well. you know me, never pass up the opportunity to take a picture.

Monday, February 17, 2014

The importance of pronouncing the "r" sound

AHHHHH I HAVE NO TIME. For reasons that are irrelevant, we spent like 45 minutes trying to find an internet cafe and now im crazy crunched for time, so there are bound to be more than a few glaring typos in this email. you may find yourself wondering if that word you just read is a typo or if its supposed to be Khmer. good luck cracking the code.

Also, i just found out about Sheila getting put down so now im a little teary in the internet cafe (no worries, I'm fine) and its actually quite funny because i dont think my companion knows what to do. I told her "my dog died" and she just patted my back and was like "oh..." They do NOT view pets the same way we do, especially not dogs (because, you know, they EAT dogs) so she's probably like, this chick is cray cray. 
Anyway, it's all good. I can't believe it has taken me this long to confirm that info! Yes, they do in fact eat dog here. Quite often. I guess its cheaper than other meet. they dont like seel it along with all the other meats at the phsaa or anything, its still pretty sketch to eat dog, but im sure you can easily find it on the side of the road. I know a lot of the leders in Kamponcg Cham purposely went to this one lady in 3rd Branch who sold dog on the side of the road. American elders. I just dont get it. Luckily Sister Kong had 15 dogs at home so she hates the idea of eating dog and she watched out for me. I asked sister Vorn to do the same last week when we were eating some questionable soup. I don't care what anyone says, I refuse to eat dog. its just not happening. I may be in cambodia but i still have principles. American ('murican)  principles. 

Anyway, this email might be a little short, since ive got no time. We had a baptism yesterday! One of our investigators named Theary. The elders taught her the first half and then gave her to us when we started whitewashing Tuolkok so we finished the job. She lives with her friend's family, and her friend's family are all members and the dad is a super high-up government official and their house is AWESOME. its the first real house ive been in (besides the mission home) since ive been on my mission. And it's like a real house. They're super wealthy and they've got servants and everything. Marble floors. AND ITS SO CLEAN. do you know whats clean in cambodia? Nothing. straight up nothing. so i freaking love teaching these people. not just because of their living circumstances though, they are so awesome, and the mom is so generous. as you can see, she lets so many people live with her that arent even related to her. and she introduces all of them to the church. shes so great. Her name is Ming Srei. 

I also went on an exchange this week. Remeber how I said that Sis Homer is a sister training leader and I would go on exchanges with her? Well, we did, but I wasnt with sister homer (cruel, I know). I was put with her companion SIster Mook, who is Khmer and stinking adorable and so sweet and super awesome. I got to go to Sister Homer and Sister Mook's area and teach with Sister Mook. Sister Mook is seriously so great. As Sister Homer likes to say "You could literally hit her with a bus and she would be like 'I am so sorry.'" So sweet. And so funny too. Sister Homer taught her how to play 2truths and a lie and we were playing that and she was just too cute. she also pronounces mosquito like mos-kwee-toe so that's hilarious. 

Speaking of Khmers pronouncing words wrong, I figured I'd tell you guys that Sister Homer and I teach English class together every wednesday and the past couple weeks have been cracking me up. First, we spent a solid 20 minutes teaching the importance of pronouncing the "r" sound (cue that scene in the chinese restaurant from "A Christmas Story" please). I know Daddy is probably laughing at this more than anyone right now. Then, the second week we taught about the "s" sound versus the "sh" sound, which for some reason is incredibly hard for them. In khmer, you dont pluralize things the way we do in romance lanugages, so they also dont pronounce "s" when its at the end of the word. Like, they see it there, but for some reason they are incapable of pronouncing it. there are so many weird things that they cant do in english because of they way they are taught to speak Khmer, it would blow your mind. 

More about Americans vs Khmers: during our district meeting, Elder Sam was teaching us (actually the same elder Sam I was with in KC! He's my district leader here in the city now! I love that guy. He's also Sister Kong's boyfriend haha). Anyway, as a metaphor for some missionary work thing that now I cant remember, Elder Sam asks, "Okay, what's in a burger?" (sidenote: it took me like 5 minutes to realize he was saying "burger" and not "booger". Theres that "r" sound again, you little devil.) So anyway, he asks us whats in a burger, and all the american elders, who probably havent had a burger in over a year start yelling out "HAPPINESS!" "HOPES AND DREAMS!" I was cracking up and all the khmers were looking at us like we were crazy because they dont even like burgers. Sister Mook informed me of this on our exchange. she hates burgers. Semi-related: they put a Burger King in near the mission home! it just opened. I'm about a 30 minute bikeride from the mission home but just you a few weeks im forcing sister vorn to take me there. It's funny that im now craving burger king, since we all know that Burger King is like the Del Taco of burgers. nobody likes burger king. unless youre a missionary in cambodia. 

I think that's all I've got for this week. Nothing too exciting going on. But today we'll be going to the Russian Markets with SIster Homer, which is like a bug phsaa that has all of the good clothes and cool fabrics aka YOUR SOUVENIRS. get stoked. 

Okay I love you guys so much! I miss you a ton! Keep on prayin for me!

Love, Sister Davis

Quote from President Thomas S Monson that I super like:

"Though the storm clouds may gather, though the rains may pour down upon us, our knowledge of the gospel and our love of Heavenly Father and of our Savior will comfort and sustain us and bring joy to our hearts as we walk uprightly and keep the commandments. There will be nothing in this world that can defeat us. My beloved brothers and sisters, fear not. Be of good cheer. The future is as bright as your faith." 

SHUUUUT UUUPPPP. OKAY THIS IS THE STORY OF THE WEEK. remember that face?!?!?! That's Ming Rong you fools!!!! My investigator who got baptized the weekend before I left KC!! Love her! AND SHE JUST MOVED TO SISTER HOMER'S BRANCH!!! and since our branches meet in the same church building at the same time, I get to see ming rong all the freaking time! And i got to teach her too when I went on an exchange with sister mook! Love this woman! 

OKay these girls are my favorite. they are branch missionary helpers and they help us teach all the time. they are twins and are hilarious and they love hanging out with the sisters. Their names are Amei and Amian. (and yes, I cn tell them apart perfectly fine) believe it or not, theyre 19, even thought they probably weigh 40 pounds put together. yep, theyre my age. Fat american.
                                                                  DAI KUU!!!

Monday, February 10, 2014

“Welcome to the most backwards country in the world. I live here.“

As missionaries we are told to refrain from using casual phrases and keep our language dignified in emails to friends and family so I figured that intro would be appropriate.

Yep, so the city is way hotter than the provinces. Which I already knew. BUT we are also coming to the end of cold season (which I later found out means just cold at night and in the mornings - noon day is still like 90 plus degrees). So I'm preparing myself for the blistering, cruel heat for which the hot season is infamous. I am told that last year, Siem Reap ( the far-away province with Angkor Wat) reached like 113 degrees or something crazy like that. So at least I'm not in Siem Reap. Guys, THIS is my personal refiners' fire. Pun 100% intended.

SO anyway the big news of the weeks, across my whole zone, is that I look like Satan. I GOT A BLEED IN MY EYE HOORAYYY. Don't worry I've got great pictures of that, but you can choose whether or not you want to put them on the blog because i look like a frog. It started out as a little bleed spot and is now covering half of my eye. I just woke up and it was there. But as per usual, I just ignore all my injuries, and it didn't hurt at all so i was like ëhh" and just let it be. Until Sister Homer and Sister Von were like uhhhhh no you have to go see Sister Moon. So we sent some pictures to a guy in Hong Kong who sort of watches over the health issues of all the missionaries in Asia, and he said, "This is a classical subconjunctival hemorrhage. It will turn green and yellow before finished but no concerns."  So I literally look like the devil. All of the Elders saw it and were like "WOAH THAT'S SO SICK"and all of the sisters were like "please dont look at me from that direction."  It's been about a week now and I'm starting to grow quite fond of it. Ive been told it will last for probably a couple weeks but who knows. Anyway, Sister Von think I'm scaring all of our investigators. Which is totally plausible. But, as Khmers do, they have no shame in pointing out the fact that I look weird.
Which brings me to my "Fat Quote of the Week"!!! I had been in the city for like 5 days and not a soul had called me fat, so I was thinking that maybe the city is a little more refined and that they might not comment on fat-ness quite as much. Not so. The other day we were with a recent convert and Sister Von and her were on the topic of cooking and Sister Von told this lady that I don''t eat anything. In my defense i had the flu last week so i really wasnt eating much at all (my health has just gone to the birds since ive been in Tuolkok). So this member goes "If you dont eat anything then why are you so fat?" Strike one. 
My answer to her would probably be ceek chap. ceek chap is one of my favorite snacks. its little crunchy banana chips. when i first got here i loved eating it thinking ÿay, ive found a healthy snack, just little baked slices of banana with some sugar sprinkled on top!" I cant tell you the level of disappointment i felt when Sister Kong told me that ceek chap is not baked. its FRIED in butter and sweetened condensed milk. So there goes that. Ive been alive long enough to know that nothing that tastes good is good for you. thats just a fact. ive been duped again. Although I have found that I enjoy one snack they eat here all the time. They eat sour mangoes. Like SUPER sour. not ripe at all. bright green mangoes. and they dip them in a really spicy chile pepper salt. I guess the salt counteracts the sour, but the flavor combination is WEIRD. the first time i tried it i almost gagged, you can ask sister homer. and its taken me months but now i actually really like it. so family and friends: start the look out now. let me know if sour mangoes are available to buy in america because you gotta try this weird combo that they do. 

PS this keyboard is AWFUL - all of the keys are sticking and i gave up on the grammar and mechanics a while ago. 

Anyway, this week we spent a lot of time at the tracks. So remember me telling you last week, the tracks are the traintracks that people build their houses right next to and theyre houses are just built on garbage and mini oyster shells (another favorite khmer snack) and its super poor. Thats where half of our members live. But there some of my favorite members so its all good. we just try not to go there at night when things get sketch and its all good. Anyway, we sort of had a miracle happen with a less-active family this week. We were on the tracks trying to decide which way to go and SIster Von turns around to this totally random lady and just asks her äre you a member of our church?" like just completely out of nowhere. And the lady says YES! So we follow her behind a couple alleys and she leads us to this house where we met her sister and her sister's husband, and theyve got this huge family - ALL inactive members. But they dont hate us or anything! they were totally happy to see us. They're down on their luck and super pibaak cet (this is a khmer phrase that means "difficult heart"so you can interpret that how you please). But we talked to them for a little bit and the husband who hadnt spoken much the whole time (I think hes a little slow and shy but he has the sweetest spirit) just pipes up from the corner and says, "we try again". This family has probably been long forgotten since they stopped coming to church, but all they needed was for someone to go visit them and let them know that they still have a home in the church. God still loves them, all of that cheesy stuff.  Anyway, we went home and I was looking through that huge binder of CBRs of less active people and I found their CBR: I had been looking at it that exact morning trying to study it and figure out who they were! So crazy! Even though a lot of people don't like working with less-actives, because bringing people back to the church is widely known as the hardest kind of missionary work, I am super grateful for the opportunity to work with people like this. They need our help too!

So another fun story from the tracks: I made a toddler cry. Just by being my regular self. i was just standing on the tracks and looking down an alley, not sure where we were going and this little girl was just standing a couple feet away from me staring at me and she just ERUPTS into tears. like screaming, crying the whole nine yards. And i was just dumbfounded, no idea what happened or why she was crying, and sister von just starts pushing me from bewhind  saying "sister go, lets walk, move this way" pushing me down the alley, and im all confused not really moving and im like "wait,. whats going on whats the problem?" and she just starts pushing me on my back and says "its YOU sister, its YOU, just go" and we walk down the alley and im like äre you joking? shes crying because of me?" and sister von is laughing being like "yes. you white. you scary american." ...................nice. I will tell you, I never stop being weird here. Even in the city where there are a lot more white people, its not like there are any white people living on the tracks. So im just this RANDO white girl walking around one of the poorest areas in the city and people are just totally confused. I cause a scene wherever i go. But you know me, i just love attention. its my fave.

Just a random funny moment for you: the other day while we were studying, it was really quiet, we were just studying separately and out of nowhere sister von goes "Sister, you spell 'gangster' for me?" I dont know where the Khmer missionaries learn these words, but it cracks me up. Sister Von also likes to say "Come at me bro." She also marveled at the fact that I was eating cereal with milk. She was so confused that i was eating it that way and asked me "You like that sister?" and I hesitantly answered yes and asked her if she had ever seen cereal before and she said ÿes, but i eat it different." not entirely sure how many other ways you can eat cereal, but the box has a picture of a bowl with milk in it so im gonna stick with that. 

In case you hadnt noticed, ive given up on organizing my thoughts in these emails. Im no longer giving you guys thesis statements and topic sentences, im just throwin it all out there at once, so youre gonna have to figure your way around it on you own. sorry.

I noticed something the other day. For a while ive been confused because I could have sworn that ive seen cars with steering wheels on the left side and on the right side too like in england. and ive been really confused thinking maybe im just crazy, but the other day i found my proof: in cambodia they just drive on BOTH sides. Welcome to the most backwards country in the world. I live here. 

So i think thats all ive got this week. The city is wayyyy different from the proivinces but im loving it! The members and branches are great here. getting lots of work done! I miss you all and love you so much!

Daoy kdei srolan,
Sister Davis

PS Spiritual thought: Since ive been on a mission, ive really started to enjoy singing hymns. If you know me at all then this is big news because I know how bad of a singer i am and I NEVER sang before. but hymns are awesome. I sing em all day errrry day. So my advice is, find a hymn you like, and then look at the bottom of the page. You will notice that they actually give you scripture references for every hymn. Today I was singing "Come, Come Ye Saints" and read the AWESOME scriptures that came with that one. I really like doing that and thought you guys might too. Mian tae ponong. 

Mother and daughter reunited!!!! So glad to be in the same zone as this girl again. We got ice cream!!! they have ice cream in the city you guys!!!!! ALso take note of my devil eye, zoom in if you want. its a doozy.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Big City Life Week 1: Stores playing 50 Cent

It feels like it has been forever since I've emailed you guys because SO MUCH has happened in the last week! Things happen so quickly on a mission. I literally left Kampong Cham, got a new companion, moved into a new apartment and started teaching new people in less than 12 hours. I can tell you right now that this email is going to be really scatter-brained because I don't even know how I'm going to tell you everything.

The city is so freaking different from KC!!!! It's like real life almost.....I get to go to a real church building first of all. In KC, the church rented out a large, suuuuuper old building that smelled like dirt and poo. Especially the primary room. In Phnom Penh, they have REAL churches! Like it has a chapel and everything! 

Also, Tuolkok is apparently a relatively nice part of the city. The elders in our branch said that its one of the nicest areas in Phnom Penh. For example, my branch president (equivalent of a bishop) HAS A CAR. That's like......crazy rich. However, Cambodia is one of those places that has such a HUGE gap between the rich and the poor that you will have a mansion right next to a shack. Literally neighbors. So even though a lot of the areas I bike in are super nice, we also have places to proselyte in like the tracks. The tracks are the railroad tracks that run through the city and they are SUPER sketch. People build their little tin houses not even 10 feet away from these railroad tracks and it's like an incredibly poor area. So i get the best of both worlds. 
My house is in a pretty good neighborhood, better than the road I lived on in KC. But the house itself is WAYYYYYY WORSE. It's teeny tiny and just nasty and gross.  Would you like to know why? It was the elders' house before it was ours. They moved out right before we moved in, and I swear to you I don't think they cleaned the place even once. They didn't even throw out their garbage before we moved in! The house doesn't have cups, it's completely INFESTED with ants, and don't even get me started on the state of the refrigerator. Yesterday I almost had a full-on freak out and was like "NO NO I WILL NOT LIVE LIKE THIS" and reorganized the whole kitchen and then swept and mopped everywhere. But it didn't seem to make a dent in the nastiness of that palce. I think I'm going to go to Lucky's to see if they sell Swiffer WetJets in Cambodia (shoutout to Mrs Thomas for finding out about Luckys approximately 24 hours after I got my mission call). I dont know if I'll be able to go today because I think Sister Von doesn't like Luckys because it's expensive and we might not have time, but I'll try because I've been told that Luckys is like the most mazing thing in the world for Cambodian missionaries. (Just so you know, Lucky's is like a legitimate supermarket. I saw mac and cheese the other day and freaked out because they dont have that stuff in KC and sis peterson was like ohh you are going to love Luckys).

Soooooo about my new companion, Sister Von. She is super super sweet! She ends her mission soon so I will probably be with her for the next two transfers (but then again I thought it would be the same thing for Sister really never know). I hear she's also a really good cook and she knows English but not as much as Sister Kong so I'll probably learn a lot of Khmer. I already speak Khmer with her half of the time. Sister Kong was good at english and she really wanted to get better so she really didnt speak Khmer at all when we were comps.

okay remember last week i said i was whitewashing? Well, normally, when you go to a new area, you get a companion who has already been in the area for at least one ttransfer so that way one of you knows where to go and who to visit. Whitewashing is when you take two missionaries and put both of them in a new area where neither of them has ever been before and they sort of start from scratch. and let me just say......WHITEWASHING IS THE WHIPS. it sucks hardcore. We have like four investigators that the elders gave to us, but other than that we have no idea who anyone is and we have NO IDEA where we're going. Luckily we have awesome BM helpers (branch missionary helpers) and they're totally willing to come out with us to help us teach and show us the houses of members. one is named Chanti and she is stinking hilarious. and then there are these two 14 year old girls who are twins, Amey and Ami. They're awesome and adorable. 
Anyway, for whitewashing, we spend a lot of time looking through old CBRs (convert baptism records) to get familiar with faces of people in the ward. When we first got here, the elders dumped two 30-inch (give or take) binders on us FILLED with less-active, inactive or gone-and-nobody-knows-why members. These are people who were baptized like 20 years ago and nobody really knows them or why they went inactive, whatever.....anyway, so missionaries who try to meet with these people write comments on the records every few months to keep things up to date for new missionaries and so that we can keep track of peoples status. Looking through these CBRs is one of my favorite things to do because it is freaking HILARIOUS some of the comments we find:
"Completely inactive. we went to their house and the daughter hid from us."
"They still hate us."
"She apparently joined the 7th Day Adventist church"......(and then a few months later)........"She is Satan. Rounding up all of our church members to join the 7th Day Adventist church."

Okay heres the best thing ever of the whole week though........I SAW SISTER HOMER!!!!!!!! Not only are we in the same zone, which means I will see her for when I go on excghanges with her, but our branches also share a church building so I will see her every sunday, AND our zone does english class all together so i will see her every wednesday, probably every monday on P-day.....I am going to see her all the freaking time. And Im so freakin stoked about that. She is just the bomb dot com. OH ALSO, her branch was doing a little activity in the church a couple days ago and Sister Von and I were at the church looking through CBRs, so we went upstairs to eat with them and some of the members were playing music and THEY PLAYED ONE DIRECTION. And that just made my week. I also heard one store playing 50 Cent.......I am going to hear real music when I'm in the city you guys!!! 

I will say there is a major downside to being in Phnom Penh though. It's not the same as being in a province. I miss KC a ton, and I miss those pretty places like the island and Veal Ksaac. I suuuper miss the members and my investigators. I kind of hate transfers. There are a ton of areas in the city to serve in (its where like 80% of the missionaries are) so I know I will probably be here for a while, but I hope I get sent back out to the provinces soon. Maybe Battambang next. I hear Battambang is like heaven on earth.

Anyway, I think that's all I've got. We have to go to the mission home soon, which I'm super excited for because I'll see all my friends. And if I get to go to Luckys I'm definitely taking pictures. I miss you guys and love you so much!!!!

Love, Sister Davis

PS I had my first "I've been on a mission for five months so I don't understand that pop culture reference you're making" experience this week. Sister Von was showing me all of the movies she has bought here and one of them I literally had never heard of, never seen, it looked completely unfamiliar. So i asked Sister Homer about it (and a new missionary who just came in from the MTC) and they were both like öhhhhh yeah that's getting rave reviews." It's called "Frozen." And I'm told it's like the new Tangled. And I literally had no idea what was happening it was the weirdest experience of my life to look at this movie and be like I have no idea what this is. So please let me know about that. Is it any good? Is it really a big movie? Am I like a hermit?

Just some goodbye pics from KC. This girl is named Nitaa. She is super cool, but has such a rough life. 

This is Ming Mau, that CRAZy investigator I told you about a while ago. She's totally nuts, but the craziest investigators are always the funnest ones to teach.