Monday, February 17, 2014

The importance of pronouncing the "r" sound

AHHHHH I HAVE NO TIME. For reasons that are irrelevant, we spent like 45 minutes trying to find an internet cafe and now im crazy crunched for time, so there are bound to be more than a few glaring typos in this email. you may find yourself wondering if that word you just read is a typo or if its supposed to be Khmer. good luck cracking the code.

Also, i just found out about Sheila getting put down so now im a little teary in the internet cafe (no worries, I'm fine) and its actually quite funny because i dont think my companion knows what to do. I told her "my dog died" and she just patted my back and was like "oh..." They do NOT view pets the same way we do, especially not dogs (because, you know, they EAT dogs) so she's probably like, this chick is cray cray. 
Anyway, it's all good. I can't believe it has taken me this long to confirm that info! Yes, they do in fact eat dog here. Quite often. I guess its cheaper than other meet. they dont like seel it along with all the other meats at the phsaa or anything, its still pretty sketch to eat dog, but im sure you can easily find it on the side of the road. I know a lot of the leders in Kamponcg Cham purposely went to this one lady in 3rd Branch who sold dog on the side of the road. American elders. I just dont get it. Luckily Sister Kong had 15 dogs at home so she hates the idea of eating dog and she watched out for me. I asked sister Vorn to do the same last week when we were eating some questionable soup. I don't care what anyone says, I refuse to eat dog. its just not happening. I may be in cambodia but i still have principles. American ('murican)  principles. 

Anyway, this email might be a little short, since ive got no time. We had a baptism yesterday! One of our investigators named Theary. The elders taught her the first half and then gave her to us when we started whitewashing Tuolkok so we finished the job. She lives with her friend's family, and her friend's family are all members and the dad is a super high-up government official and their house is AWESOME. its the first real house ive been in (besides the mission home) since ive been on my mission. And it's like a real house. They're super wealthy and they've got servants and everything. Marble floors. AND ITS SO CLEAN. do you know whats clean in cambodia? Nothing. straight up nothing. so i freaking love teaching these people. not just because of their living circumstances though, they are so awesome, and the mom is so generous. as you can see, she lets so many people live with her that arent even related to her. and she introduces all of them to the church. shes so great. Her name is Ming Srei. 

I also went on an exchange this week. Remeber how I said that Sis Homer is a sister training leader and I would go on exchanges with her? Well, we did, but I wasnt with sister homer (cruel, I know). I was put with her companion SIster Mook, who is Khmer and stinking adorable and so sweet and super awesome. I got to go to Sister Homer and Sister Mook's area and teach with Sister Mook. Sister Mook is seriously so great. As Sister Homer likes to say "You could literally hit her with a bus and she would be like 'I am so sorry.'" So sweet. And so funny too. Sister Homer taught her how to play 2truths and a lie and we were playing that and she was just too cute. she also pronounces mosquito like mos-kwee-toe so that's hilarious. 

Speaking of Khmers pronouncing words wrong, I figured I'd tell you guys that Sister Homer and I teach English class together every wednesday and the past couple weeks have been cracking me up. First, we spent a solid 20 minutes teaching the importance of pronouncing the "r" sound (cue that scene in the chinese restaurant from "A Christmas Story" please). I know Daddy is probably laughing at this more than anyone right now. Then, the second week we taught about the "s" sound versus the "sh" sound, which for some reason is incredibly hard for them. In khmer, you dont pluralize things the way we do in romance lanugages, so they also dont pronounce "s" when its at the end of the word. Like, they see it there, but for some reason they are incapable of pronouncing it. there are so many weird things that they cant do in english because of they way they are taught to speak Khmer, it would blow your mind. 

More about Americans vs Khmers: during our district meeting, Elder Sam was teaching us (actually the same elder Sam I was with in KC! He's my district leader here in the city now! I love that guy. He's also Sister Kong's boyfriend haha). Anyway, as a metaphor for some missionary work thing that now I cant remember, Elder Sam asks, "Okay, what's in a burger?" (sidenote: it took me like 5 minutes to realize he was saying "burger" and not "booger". Theres that "r" sound again, you little devil.) So anyway, he asks us whats in a burger, and all the american elders, who probably havent had a burger in over a year start yelling out "HAPPINESS!" "HOPES AND DREAMS!" I was cracking up and all the khmers were looking at us like we were crazy because they dont even like burgers. Sister Mook informed me of this on our exchange. she hates burgers. Semi-related: they put a Burger King in near the mission home! it just opened. I'm about a 30 minute bikeride from the mission home but just you a few weeks im forcing sister vorn to take me there. It's funny that im now craving burger king, since we all know that Burger King is like the Del Taco of burgers. nobody likes burger king. unless youre a missionary in cambodia. 

I think that's all I've got for this week. Nothing too exciting going on. But today we'll be going to the Russian Markets with SIster Homer, which is like a bug phsaa that has all of the good clothes and cool fabrics aka YOUR SOUVENIRS. get stoked. 

Okay I love you guys so much! I miss you a ton! Keep on prayin for me!

Love, Sister Davis

Quote from President Thomas S Monson that I super like:

"Though the storm clouds may gather, though the rains may pour down upon us, our knowledge of the gospel and our love of Heavenly Father and of our Savior will comfort and sustain us and bring joy to our hearts as we walk uprightly and keep the commandments. There will be nothing in this world that can defeat us. My beloved brothers and sisters, fear not. Be of good cheer. The future is as bright as your faith." 

SHUUUUT UUUPPPP. OKAY THIS IS THE STORY OF THE WEEK. remember that face?!?!?! That's Ming Rong you fools!!!! My investigator who got baptized the weekend before I left KC!! Love her! AND SHE JUST MOVED TO SISTER HOMER'S BRANCH!!! and since our branches meet in the same church building at the same time, I get to see ming rong all the freaking time! And i got to teach her too when I went on an exchange with sister mook! Love this woman! 

OKay these girls are my favorite. they are branch missionary helpers and they help us teach all the time. they are twins and are hilarious and they love hanging out with the sisters. Their names are Amei and Amian. (and yes, I cn tell them apart perfectly fine) believe it or not, theyre 19, even thought they probably weigh 40 pounds put together. yep, theyre my age. Fat american.
                                                                  DAI KUU!!!

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