Monday, July 28, 2014

One and Done.

It was a good week y'all! It didnt start out that way though. There was a funeral in Branch 2, so that was a bummer, but it was good that the missionaries got to help them prepare food for the funeral and clean dishes and just help with the ceremony and everything. It was the Branch President's son. He was only 20 years old or so.

BUT...things got a little happier later on in the week. Now that I'm not in two branches anymore, I have a lot mroe time to spend on my members and investigators. I'm meeting with them way more regularly. And I'm DETERMINED to go visit the members more too. There are some members who I've never visited before, and I want to start visiting all of them. On the topic of my investigators, Sela came to church again!!! Her second week in a row! Her teacher randomly didnt show up to class so she booked it to the church and stayed for all three hours again!! God is working miracles left and right, you just have to open your eyes to see them! I also started teaching a new investigator named Sauphea. She is a friend of one of the newer members and she is super sweet! She really just wants to learn about Jesus Christ. She's already great.  So they were both at church yesterday. Unfortunately one of my other good investigators, Pol, hasnt come to church in a while. We still meet her all the time and remind her of the importance of going to church, and her neighbor is a solid member, but she still doesnt come. It was a little frustrating because our church had a big activity for Pioneer Day on saturday and she totally came to that! she had a great time and brought her nieces and nephews too. And then she didnt come to church the next day. Yap. She's actually really smart and a great investigator. We just really need to reach her and I guess we havent gotten there yet. Almost. Sister Fife and I are working hard. 

Speaking of Sis Fife....she's doing great. But I think I'm close to killing her. I've started making her run in the mornings with me because we're both getting fat. The first day we went out, she made it three and a half minutes. Then later on that day, after we had come home, she was like "i'm gonna be honest Sister Davis. After this first morning of running...I really dont think I'm gonna continue. I got one morning in and I think thats all Ive got. One and Done."  I was cracking up. (And yes, I made her go out again.)
Sis Fife has also had her share of hilarious moments this week. One day we were riding back after a lesson with a less-active member and Sis Fife starts mumbling something and I couldnt hear her for the life of me, so I turned around and was like "what are you saying?!" And in response, she struggled a bit and finally sputtered out "Nothing! I was having a personal speaking moment!!!" I literally had to stop my bike and be like....what? Then she thought for a little while and was like "ohhhh...what I meant to say is: I was talking to myself. Thats how we say it in normal english."  So thats what happens when you go to a foreign mission. You come back saying things like "Oh nothing, I was just having a personal speaking moment." 

Also, in the middle of the night, I was trying to go back to sleep when I hear Sister Fife making some....odd crunching noises. So I asked her what she was doing, and she goes "I'm pretending that I'm eating a pickle. I just really want a pickle right now." This is my life you guys, this is my companion.

As for our teaching this week: it was AWESOME!!!! We were totally on point this week. And the Spirit was just taking over, it was practically slapping Sister Fife and I in the face. We had this one lesson with a less active member, Puu Seng and his family. They are actually coming back to church. They are there every week now and theyre solid. But anyway, we were teaching a lesson about Heavenly Father's love for us that, frankly, we could have planned a little bit better. We basically just had one scripture prepared. (10 points for nailing the "Planning Skills" chapter from Preach My Gospel).  So we went in, and I had Sister Fife lead the lesson. And we just went through it super quickly. It was looking like we were going to have a five minute lesson. BUT (this is when the Spirit took over), Puu Seng, who almost NEVER talks, just went on this monologue about how he wants to provide a better future for his children and help them return to heaven too and thats why we all need to repent. And a couple minutes before he said that I was feeling like I wanted to share John 3:16with them, which is weird because we dont share from the Bible often. But then he said that thing about repentance and I was like "okay, get out your bibles" and then i shared that scripture and talked about God's love for us AND the Atonement of Jesus Christ and then the lesson just took off.(I later found out that Sister Fife also really wnated to share that same scripture but she just didnt say anything. And then at the end of the lesson, Sister Fife and I were ready to extend a commitment to them, to pray together as a fmaily, and most impotrantly, try praying and ONLY expressing thanks and gratitude. Dont ask for blessings. Only thank God (a good lesson from the prophets that I think we can all incorporate). But right before we started talking about the commitment, the youngest daughter up and shared 2 Nephi 9:52.

Read it. No seriously go ahead. Read it.

Okay for those of you without your scriptures on hand (tsk tsk) here is what that scripture says: "Behold, my beloved brethren, remember the words of your God; pray unto him continually by day, and give thanks unto his holy name by night. Let your hearts rejoice."

And sister fife and i looked at each other and we were like.....minds blown. It was soooo perfect. It ended up just being a really super awesome lesson. 

And to end that story, I will share a quote from my dear companion from when we were talking abut how to tell if the Spirit is present in a lesson:
"Sometimes I feel like I'm super bored, but apparently thats when the Spirit's there." - Sis Fife.  She's golden.

We had a couple other great miracles from this week, but I dont want this email to be crazy long so I'll save them for next week. All I know is this: God loves us. He always hears our prayers and He answers them too. I learned great lessons about that this week. From Sela, to Puu Seng, to me ebing really tired on my bike and wanting a snack. Heavenly Father is aware of ALL of His children and ALL of their needs. 

So read Romans 15:13. Cuz its good. 

I love you guys so very much!! (i'm definitely forgetting to tell you something). I miss you all! Wish me luck!

Love, Sister Davis

OHHHHHHH I JUST REMEMBERED: remember my investigator Ming Rong, who got baptized in Kampong Cham?  Well I just got this super cool email from Sister Homer last week:

"Sister Melton gave me an update on Ming Rong. First she is amazing. Second her husband basically gave her an ultimatum and said that if she still wants to be part of this religion she has to leave the she left. They found her a new house. And she is giving referrals left and right!!! WE DID IT!!! We got one with real faith!!"

Even though her situation is really sad, Sister Homer and I are stoked because our recent convert just showed us that she really does have real faith. when the going gets tough, the FAITHFUL get going! Ming Rong is absolutely wonderful, and i am so lucky that i got to teach her. 

Pictures from the Pioneer Day activity. There was a service and a skit and dancing and we all ate curry together!!!
​This is my investigator Pol (shes in the red and white striped shirt) and all of her nieces and nephews with her. 

​This is Ming Banha. Shes the member who helps us teach Pol.

​You dont even know how much curry was made for this event. My branch president said they bought over 100 kilos of chicken!

​Us eating on the grass with the elders. (elder Garrow is really showin up in this picture).
                                                                          ​Sister Ky!!!

                                   ​Me with Linaa and Kanha, members in 3rd branch. I love these girls.
 ​The Sisters with a bunch of the young women. PS I got that super cool Khmer wrap skirt in Siem Reap. I think its sooo cool. Cant you see the elephants?!?

​                                                             Me and Bong Noy!!!! She's stellar. 

​Okay these ares ome of my favorite pictures. Sister Fife and I were having one of those days where we were like "WE LIVE HERE. THIS PLACE IS SO COOL. LOOK AT HOW RURAL AND BEAUTIFUL IT IS!" so we took a lot of pictures of tress and green and stuff. 

                                                                            ​and goats.

                                                               ​My little sockie fell off. 

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