Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Queen of the Trios

President Moon never ceases to amaze me. I'm still training the adorable Sister Soun (she's just a doll and always makes me yummy  Khmer food), but last minute, like the DAY before transfers, the assistants called me were like whatsup sister davis you're gonna be in a trio again. and i was like holllaaaaa tell me what else is new. 
Im always in a trio. 

Anyway, the new girls name is Sister Jepson and she's stinkin awesome. Love her. Shes pretty new, just starting her fourth transfer, but she's a rock. Already a super great missionary. She played professional soccer when she lived in Germany and she's also 3/8 Native American. But she's super tall and blonde, so you'll probably be really confused by that information. 

Anyways, I guess President Moon picked up on the fact that I HAVE to leave Battambang after this transfer because Ive been here for a lifetime already, and unless he wanted to whitewash the branches (since im serving in both now because we dont have any other sisters) he would have to bring someone else up. So Im gonna help Sister Jepson get to know first branch and she'll stay there after I leave ( I actually dont know exactly WHEN i'll be leaving. President Moon hinted to me that I might be outta here before transfers. He's not sure yet though. He's got some special secret work for me.....nawt).

So anywho....the Thai string bean is out. Kickin it in Steaungmeanchey. I miss her a whole bunch. But our last few days together were good. We have been getting somewhere with our investigators. We have a new one named Srei Nit who owns a Bubble Tea shop, which means everytime we teach her we get free passionfruit and kiwi juice. But her shop is brand new and rarely has customers in it so I'm trying to figure out the best way to handle to "no working on sundays" thing with her (big PS: EVERYONE in Cambodia works on sunday. As a matter of fact, I would say a large majority of our members work on sunday. Its a work in progress...) So during our weekly planning (which i dont think ive ever described to you guys but its probably the worst thing ever. 4 hours of HELL) we were talking about Srei Nit and helping her progress and Sister Fife just puts up her feet and goes "SHE NEEDS ADVERTISING! We should get her on the local radio or something. Who are some members that we can ask to help spread the word about her shop?" And goes off on a marketing tangent and i was like....yeah. Thats what missionaries do. They use their american marketing skills to help their investigators get advertising. Anyway, Srei Nit is doing pretty well. She said she would try to figure out how to get 3 hours off to come to church and she really tries. Shes a great student, always asking questions and really willing to keep our commitments. 

AND THEN THERE IS SELA!!!! So I talked to my leaders and discussed it with the other missionaries, and after formulating a really good plan, I finally got to tell Sela, the best investigator I've ever had who I thought would never be able to get baptized, that we are having a baptismal service for her on the 14th. When those words left my mouth she fell back in her chair and covered her face with her hands and yelled, "OH SISTER! IM SO HAPPY!" That was one of the best days ever. I was almost crying I was so happy for her. Its not gonna be an easy road for her for the nest 2 or 3 years while she is still learning, but she has a lot of support and REAL faith. I love her to pieces. Sister Soun and Sister Jepson could tell how happy I was and we all took pictures of the glorious day. 

Oh. Random funny story from transfers. Elder Ang, a Khmer missionary, was my old district leader. He got transferred to an area in Phnom Penh called Chamkarmorn. Usually after being a district leader, you become a zone leader, the next step up. So I saw him at the church and asked him about it. What followed made me laugh so hard I almost fell out of my chair:

Me: "Elder Ang! You go to Chamkarmorn! Are you going to be a zone leader?"
Him: "Nope!"
Me: "Oh. Are you still a district leader?"
Him: "Nope!"
Me: "...................."


I'm honestly gonna miss him; he made me laugh so hard.

So now, transfers have long since come and gone and somehow along the way I became a trainer. When I do the training in the morning, I have literally no idea what I'm doing because in reality, you're supposed to get training to be a trainer (?). So I'm just sitting there, watching training videos with her, and I'm all like, "So......praying is good.

....moving on."
But she is seriously SO SWEET. I explained to you guys that your trainer is your "mom" and the person you trainer is your "koon" or your "daughter." She always comes up to me to give me hugs and says "I love you mom! I have such a good mom!" So I probably can't train her about the important things, but I introduced her to mac and cheese so I guess she likes me. 

Also, yesterday we had District Conference in Battambang. President and Sister Moon came up with their counselors and we had a pretty good turnout, considering how nobody here cares about District Conference. What was hilarious was one of the counselors who gave a talk. He told one story about how he went to Hawaii, and to be honest, I dont really remember what the point was because I was laughing so hard. It went a little something like this:

"I went to a far away place called Hawaii. The roads are all curvy there because they run along the ocean. I got to one beach and got out of my little Honda car and saw these BIG BIG PEOPLE. They were the Tongan people. They are brown like us but so so BIG. They were bigger than my little Honda. I was very scared."

I dont remember what he said after that. But obviously all Mormons knows about Tongans. It was just hilarious to see it from the perspective of a tiny Khmer man. 

So another thing I really liked from District Conference was what President Moon said. I wrote it down because he said it in his big talk and I just really liked it.

"[God] knows what is best for us. But we have to humble ourselves enough to do it His way, rather than our way. When [the Lord] tells you to do something, don't get mad because you are being told something you don't want to hear. Be Humble. If we follow the Lord's way, He will bless us. In your life, do all you can to find out "what is the Lord's way?" "

To finish, just want to share 2 Nephi 7 (specifically verses 10-11). I've always really loved those scriptures and encourage you to interpret them yourselves. Its Isaiah so its pretty fun. Its become one of my favorite scriptures since I've been on my mission. And then i also want to share a poem that I read by William Penn. To some, it might make no sense, but in the right context, it is clear he is talking about the Atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and it's beautifully simple:

"No pain, no palm; no thorns, no throne; no gall, no glory; no cross, no crown." 

Okay, sorry thats all for this week. Mostly Ive just been focusing on organizing the area so its not super interesting. 
Love you guys very much and miss you tons! 

Love, Sister Davis

 Ming Banna. She used to be inactive, but nowadays we walk up to her house and find her reading the Bible to her niece. Shes super great. 
                                                        Sister Soun, Sister Jepson, Me!

​The adorable Sister Soun. She doesn't know much English, but thats good because it will get me to speak a lot more Khmer than I ever have lawlssss

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