Monday, November 17, 2014

I sat here doing nothing for like 10 minutes trying to figure out what the subject of this email should be. I got nothin. The weeks are getting more boring by the second. Being in the city is just far less exciting than being in the provinces, is my conclusion.

ALTHOUGH. wait, this really happened. It was like my worst nightmare realized. SO, two nights ago, Sister Harris and I are just sitting on her bed, watching Finding Faith in Christ in Khmer together, munchin on popcorn that I got way too excited about because i hadn't seen popcorn in 6 months, havin a good time. And halfway through, out of the corner of our eyes (we spotted it at the same exact time) this HUGE BLACK MILLIPEDE came crawling out from under Sister Harris' bed. Let me give you a quick reminder: I am in Cambodia. NOT america. As in, this is NOT the type of caterpillar I would pick up with a stick in my backyard when I was five. No, no my friends. This is the infamous Cambodian millipede that I have only heard stories about. it was probably about five inches long and each individual thorax/body part/i dont know what you wanna call it, was the size of my fingernail. and there were like 20  of them. legs and feelers that were about and inch long each. I may as well have seen a snake in our room, it was that creepy. I just screamed "whaaaaaaat!!!" and Sister Harris goes "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" and I just started screaming at her "GET THE RAID GET THE RAID!!!!!" (raid is my best friend) so she runs downstairs to the bewilderment of all the other sister in the house and grabs two huge cans of raid and Sister Nov, the resident Khmer in the house is all like whats going on? and i yell down to her that it is one of those really huge millipedes and shes all like "WHAT?!?!" and grabs a brrom and runs upstairs to our room. SIster Harris and I are both spraying LITERS worth of raid onto this thing that seems completely unharmed by the poison we are dumping onto it, and then sister Nov takes the handle of the broom and just goes WHACKWHACKWHACKWHACKWHACK until it is nothing more than a powder. (Sister Nov is a little scary as far as Khmers go but shes fearless and really useful when you have questions about Khmer things or food, so I like her). The she turns to us and goes "That thing will bite you, and if it does, you have to go to the hospital." THIS IS NOT YOUR NORMAL MILLIPEDE.
but dont worry the story gets worse. Sister Nov told us to take all our stuff out from under our bed in case there are more hiding in our stuff. So last night i gingerly went to work on all of the junk i have under my bed (just so we're all on the same page: i have been in this house for almost a month and the mission STILL has not gotten Sister Harris and I closets. So our stuff is all over the place). i moved it all into another room, and swept out from under the bed, where not only did i find a disgusting amount of sawdust from the termites, but also two count em TWO cockroaches. I had to call Sister Harris to sweep them up for me. Cockroaches are just my kryptonite, we all know this. So anyway, thats the end of my nightmare. it was probably way less dramatic than i made it sound but it still was probably the worst part of my week.

Best part of my week? Probably wednesday. We had the leadership meeting for zone leaders and sister training leaders and I got to see all my friends that are still back up in Battambang. Sister Jepsen brought down some stuff that I left there, including some paintings I had done by a member there. For one of them I asked him to paint a scene of KampongCham and it is BEAUTIFUL. He kind of ran with it, so its not the exact scene i asked for but i still love it. Its a classic cambodian painting. So good.
Also, during the leadership meeting, Sister Thain got called on to lead the music, and in her typical Sister Thain way, she announces, "I dont know how to lead music, but ill do my very best to try!" and so Sister Litchfield crouches down in her seat and starts leading with her hand right in front of her so that sister thain would know what to do. It was TOO GOOD. Sister Thain was glued to sister litchfield and STILL couldnt follow the song properly. It was absolutely hilarious. I LOVE seeing my MTC group and hanging out with them. Now, almost our whole group was in that meeting, either as zone leaders or district leaders, since the district leaders had a separate meeting that day too (or sister training leaders). It was a super fun day.

So other adventures: This past week my bike has had a couple problems. So one day, we had to stop on the side of the road to get it fixed but I didnthave enough money with me so we had to go to an ATM. Luckily, one of our members was riding on her moto to work right at the time that we were trying to find the nearest bank. So our member wanted to lead us in the right direction but because i didnt have a bike, Sister Harris and I had to dope each other. So i was like, "okay you sit on the back, ill dope you." and she was like "NO WAY." that is ALWAYS everyones first reaction to dopeing so i had to suck it up even though I KNEW she wouldnt be able to dope me. I was like "its harder than you think SIster Harris." and she goes "I dont care, you sit on the back." So i did as i was told, and i was like "okay ready? 1, 2, 3!" and not three seconds later, we atrted careening into the side of the road. Sister Harris was like Öh NO NO NO!" and we almost died I swear. So then I go, "see? i told you! Get off, and let me dope you." So we switched and I got going for a bit and Sister Harris the whole time is like "woah, woah WOAH, this is so uncomfortable...." and that was just on the paved road. Then we got to the part of the road where they were doing construction and sister harris goes, "if you hit a single pothole, I am going to go flying." Well, i didnt hit any potholes, but bumps for sure. For like 50 yards sister harris was just yelling and complaining ÖW OW OW oh man ow OH MY GOSH THIS HURTS" to the point where i started laughing so hard that I had to stop riding the bike. As soon as i did, she goes " IM OFF!!!" and just hops right off and starts walking. She walked the entire rest of the way. I was laughing so hard. I dont think SIster Harris has been that expressive the whole time I've been with her. Oh man, I am still laughing about it as I write this email.

I have definitely had to get creative feeding Sister Harris. If it were up to her, she would eat nothing but bread an cereal, with the occasional scrambled egg. But she won't eat most of the Khmer food I make for her either. But we also cant afford to be buying american food for every meal. SO this week I actually made her a khmer version of spaghetti and she loved it! I also splurged a little and bought some cambodian made chicken nuggets. So they were weird, but still decent. And I made mashed potatoes so that was pretty good. All in all, I'm keeping her alive. However, I personally think our house should be under quarantine. Sister Ray, Sister Nov and Sister Harris are all super sick with this nasty cold thats almost as bad as the 5-week battle I had with bronchitis when I was in Battambang. One person in each companionship. So SIster Allen, Sister Young and I are all walking on eggshells trying not to get sick. Its been a pretty basty week, what with the vermin and the random hacking of phlegm that can be heard at any given time in our house.

Other than that, things are pretty normal. We didnt have a ton of lessons this week because it was Om Tuuk here in Phnom Penh (the water festival). So for those random holidays, its always hard to get people to meet with us. We survived though. All of our recent converts are still doing awesome. And im feeling really good about the less-active work we are doing here too. We are getting the senior couple to do family home evenings with less active members, and our attendance is slowly climbing up, so hopefully that continues. Really nothing too interesting this week. Our investigators are.......dadael. not progresing a whole lot. We went to see this new investigator, Bong Sophea, whos daughter is deathly afraid of us because we are white. Liek this girl literally WAILS and SCREAMS the second she sees us (Sister Harris is convinced its mostly me.....the record would probably support her theory). So one time she left before we started the lesson because her daughter started crying so we sat and waited.....talked to her neighbors and waited,.....checked our watch and waited some more.....she never came back. Go figure. Thats how things work here. People are totally fine inviting brand new strangers into their home and then....leaving them there. So all of our investigators are a little apathetic like that. Sometimes its difficult to get them to understand the importance of the message we are trying to share. Because I know if they understood.....they would be RACING to church.

Well I love you guys a whole lot. Its weird to think that I am currently the oldest sister in the mission already and that ill be home in just a few months. But I am still missing you guys! Keep up the good work!
Love, Sister Davis

PS During companionship study one morning, we had a neighbor singing karaoke to some (apparently) popular songs and Sister Harris was like Ï LOVE THIS SONG!" Apparently its called "All of me" and it goes "all of me loves all of you" or something like that. And she goes, "if they start playing Human by Christina Perry, I'll die." And I was like.....I literally have no idea what you're talking about. Sometimes I forget how much I've missed being gone. Anyway, funny/weird experience i had, realizing that my current companion can catch me up on whats been happening. And to think, this whole time we've just been talking about how much we love the Hannah Montana movie.

                                      Dont forget! Jesus loves you!!!
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                                          Litchfield and thainburger. I love these girls.

                      leadership meeting with most of the people from my MTC group.

This is why we cant afford to buy american food, sister harris. 1 pint of ice cream: 18 dollars. PINT.

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