Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I've Been Called to Serve!

Helllooooo friends and family!
This is the very first post on my blog, so I want to introduce you a little bit to what I'm doing!
In April, I received my mission call for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I've been called to serve in the Cambodia Phnom Penh mission! On September 4, I will enter the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Provo, UT. There, I'll be taught the Cambodian language, learn how to be a missionary, and prepare myself in general for the amazing adventure ahead!
After that, I'll spend about 16 months in Cambodia, where I'll be spreading Christ's gospel as well as doing humanitarian work for the people there.

While I am in the mission field, I will write my family weekly emails that provide updates on what I'm doing and how everything is going. They'll post those emails and any pictures I send them here on the blog so that you can all keep up with how I'm doing! You can also email me yourself ( or send me letters at the address that's on the right hand column -->
I PROMISE I will write you back! I'd love to hear from absolutely anyone!

I love this church and I love the happiness that its gospel brings to my life. My goal is to bring that happiness to the Cambodian people. I am so incredibly excited to go out into the mission field and help others in any way that I can.

See you all in 2015!

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