Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Week 1: "I LOOOOVE KHMER!!!"


Thats how you greet someone in Cambodian, in case you couldnt guess. Its written in the romanized alphabet because we're only just starting to learn the actual Khmer script. It's pronounced "jahm ree-ap soo-ah." I LOOOOVE KHMER!!! Its an easy language conversationally, but down-right impossible to read and write. I cant believe how much ive learned though. on day bei (3) i remember thinking "wait, ive only been here for 3 days and im already praying in cambodian and we're already teaching an investigator (a volunteer who pretends to be an investigator of the church) TOTALLY in cambodian. like he pretends to not speak a lick of english. thats awesome!!" And our lessons in cambodian havemt crashed and burned!! they were pretty good! And i  LOVE my look-kruuh (teacher). Hes nice, funnny and pretty cute (but sadly engaged). And i caught on quick the first day so i think he likes having me as a student.

OS sorry my typing is awful im, just flying because i have so much to say in so little time.

ANYWAY let me tell you about the MTC. Im going to start off by saying that its already crazy hard. We're not allowed to go back to our rooms at all between 7am and never get a break really. youre scheduled every siongle second of the dayand its exhausting. and sometimes im like, ok, ive been in this teeny classroom for buan (4) hours straight, id like to go and take a nap. but obedience is key! I knew it would be hard for me to follow such a rigid schedule, but im doing it! sometimes begrudgingly, but most of the time with a smile.
its also super hard to have a companion with you 24/7. BUT GUESS WHAT. im in a trio!!! we call ourselves a tri-panionship. SIster Peterson is amazing. Shes a lot like me. more reserved at first but goofy once you get to know her. and shes such a hard worker, so shes a great example for me. Sister Thain is also a convert! i didnt expect that at all! her personality is more difficult for me to deal with, but I can feel my [patience growing. I still have a looooooooong way to go with that but i cant already tell that the Lord is answering my [prayers and helping me where i need it most. anyway, sister thain is enthusiatic and definitely here for the right reasons, which i often question in myself, so i admire her.
i kniow everyone saud i would have ups and downs in the MTC but i didnt expect it all to be in one day. one minute ill be hating it here, and then 20 minutes later ill be thiknking "Yes!!! this is where i am and its where im supposed to be and i wouldnt trade this opportunity for the world!!!!" so yeah its bipolar. 

Okay so let me explain my pictures. On day 3 i ran into gabrielle!!! i almost strated crying when i saw her because i was having a hard morning and missing everyone and she just walked by!! and then i saw Zach a couple hours later! it reminded me that  the mtc can seem lonely and sometimes you miught think youre totally alone, but youre not!! not only do i have my friends here at the mtc working alongside me, but i have the Lord to rely on as well. We're never ever alone!!! I have seen so many of my prayers like this one answered since ive been here. Have faith in Preah (God) and he will help you if you ask. I PROMISE!!!

other pictures are of my dai kuu (companions) and the Eldaas and Sistaas in my district. Not all of them are going to Cambodia (some going to sacramento), but we are all in the same class together. I got some pictures with Elder Lao, because hes the best. He speaks cambodian almost fluently, so hes getting fast tracked to cambodia in a few weeeks, so he got transferred out of our class after day 3, but it was SO SAD. when you spend 10 hours a day together you become friends so quickly. and hes so smart, supportive and secretly hilarious. I cant wait to see him again when i go to cambodia. 
other pics: Sis Peterson brought an iPhone notepad for when we have "withdrawals" haha.
There's also a picture of my nametag. I think they give me another one right before i leave that will have my name written in khmer script as well.
i also threw in some pics of the alphabet (which has 109 letters!!!! 109!!!!) and some sentences written out in the romanized language. seriously, khmer is the coolest.
im running out of time but i just want to tell you that i love you and miss you so much!! Mommy, daddy, phoebe - i got your cards and i loved them. thank you for your love and support. if my friends are reading this, WRITE ME MORE LETTERS. AND USE DEAR ELDER. its soooooooo much easier. seriously you have to look into that. I miss everyone to infinity!!!! you have no idea! I love you all meenteen (mayn-tdayn)! here goes week pii (2)!

Love, Sistaa Davis

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