Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Week 5 at the MTC!!!

I know I usually start with "cumriabsua." "Swathikha" is actually Thai. Just wanted to throw you guys off a little.
What is this, week 5? week 6? I don't even know anymore. Regardless, it was a pretty awesome week. And I've been sick for most of it, so you know it had to be pretty good. 
Let's start with the obvious: General Conference!!! It was so good! I was told that General Conference is awesome when you're in the MTC and that is so true. My favorite talks were by Nelson, Christofferson, Edward Dube, Uchtdorf and of course President Monson. I especially loved Uchtdorf. I remember listening to his talk and thinking about how if any of my friends asked me why I was a member of this church and what's so great about it, I would have them watch this talk. If you guys missed any of those, definitely go onto and watch them under 2013 General Conference. I'm pretty sure they already have the videos up and everything.
Another cool thing about conference was hearing them talk about missionaries. You feel so much pride when they do. At the very beginning they announced the statistic that, since the age change one year ago, the number of missionaries has gone from 58,500 to 80,333! that's huge! Elder Flint and I joked that every time we heard them mention missionaries we would be like "Everybody SHHH!!! They're talking about me!!" Silly, but true. 
On Sunday we had a devotional, too. I think because it was GC weekend, the MTC decided to give us a more lighthearted devotional rather than listening to another long talk, so they organized a really cool one. Our devotional was VOCAL POINT!!! If you don't know, Vocal Point is BYU's acapella group. They're actually really famous. They were on NBC's show "the sing off" and recently won some international acappella competition. Anyway, there are 9 guys in the group, ALL returned missionaries, and so they all stood up individually to talk to us and then they did a couple performances. I loved it. 
Next tuesday we have another devotional and it's supposed to be an apostle, so that's really exciting. I'll let you know who it is. I'm putting my money on Christofferson.
Our district got the cool opportunity to meet a man from Cambodia named Eng Bun Huac. He's a convert to the church, is a district president there, and is probably going to be Cambodia's first Stake President. (They're working on setting up the first ever stake in cambodia as we speak.) Our teacher Lookruu Oleson (a different lookruu than the one i normally talk about, but equally as awesome) was so happy to see him and introduce us. Lookruu probably hadn't seen him since he was in Cambodia on his mission. After President Eng left, Lookruu told us his amazing story. He said "President Eng started out selling from a cart on the streets of Cambodia. Now he's the CEO of a company and travels back and forth between the US and Cambodia. The gospel of Jesus Christ will change people's lives more than you know." I can't even imagine how good it will feel to meet people like that and have the ability to help them that much. There are so many people in Cambodia who have so much potential and deserve so much better.
Anyway, I got the shoes right away. Thanks so much for sending them, I really needed those. Mrs. Thomas said she's already gotten my jacket and hopefully I'll get it this week. It was getting REALLY cold here for a while and I didn't have anything to keep me warm. Probably why I got sick.
So, nothing much has really happened this week. I'm struggling to think of stuff.....
We dressed up Elder Flint as a cat this week. He volunteered. I don't think I'm going to send you pictures though :)  We've been told to be careful about the thing we put on our blogs so that other people don't get the wrong idea about missionaries and I think I've filled my quota of questionable pictures, what with us playing with nerf guns and such.

So anyway, here are some scriptures I wanted to share with you guys: 2 Corinthians 3:17; 2 Corinthians 1:3-4; Phillipians 4:13; 2 Peter 2:8.
That last one really isn't anything, but it has a winky face in it!!! Our district was laughing about it so I wrote it down.
I hope you're all doing well. Keep sending the DearElders. I'm glad I'm half way done at the MTC. I literally CANNOT speak the lamguage but other than that I'm really excited to leave. I love you so very very much!!!!
Love, Sistaa Daivee

The girls going to cambodia in my zone took our dorky helmet picture in front of the biking missionaries statue. I couldn't take it seriously. Sister Litchfield was making me laugh the whole time. There isn't a single picture where I'm not laughing.

Elder Flint and Meyers with their helmets. Elder Flint also brought safety goggles......? I love that kid. Most of the time he's like a pesky, rude little brother but he cracks me up every day.
 Lookruu Thomas (the one I usually mention) is getting married this weekend!!! So we got him a pie. It was sort of a joke, we thought he was gonna be like, "ok you guys are weird" but he seriously loved it. He was like " Thank you so much!!!"

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