Thursday, November 7, 2013

Chloe's Travel Update

On Tuesday evening, American airlines delayed Chloe's flight to LAX by 3 hours...which meant they all would miss the connection from LAX to Hong Kong. Though they could get to HK a day later, the next Dragon Air flight from HK to Cambodia would have been a week from now. Chloe contacted the Church travel office  (remember Chloe is in charge of the 15 missionaries that are travelling - kind of incredible for her.)  Chloe said on the phone that about 10 of the missionaries have not been on a plane before and it was like "herding cats through the airport."

So they retrieved the bags that they had checked for American.  Then they thought they would be flying to Seattle to get a flight to Singapore (completely different schedule then originally planned for them).  They finally decided to go back to the MTC for about 7-8 hours for the next attempt to leave, but she wasn’t sure whether they would be flying to LA or SF or SEA.

By the afternoon on Wednesday, Chloe called from LAX. She had a 5 hour layover and leaves on Asiana to Seoul. Then in Seoul, they have one hour to switch terminals to board the Asiana flight to Cambodia.

The silver lining—we got to talk to her quite a bit.  She sounds great and very mature.  Her responses were very detailed and energetic, which is highly unusual for Chloe in conversations with her family. However, she mentioned that her teachers have witnessed her stubborn streak. Overall, she sounded very happy and was taking the flying changes/obstacles as part of God's plan.  Chloe noted that she was very nervous, but given the circumstances that is understandable.

Over the last 48 hours of travel updates, it became clear that we are all on this adventure with her.


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