Monday, November 4, 2013



We got permission to email our families before we leave for the airport, so I'm gonna send you some pictures and stuff. I'm leaving the MTC tomorrow at noon and will call you from the airport. I'm allowed to call from any airport I go to so I'll call you around 4 my time at Salt Lake. Be flexible though because there are only like 5 payphones there and about 20 people who need to use them. I'll do my best. Today, I'm just doing laundry and packing and buying things I'll need before I head out. It's a super busy day. It's going to be sad to say goodbye to people, like Sis Walker who's going to Washington speaking Cambodian. But I AM SO EXCITED TO LEAVE. Peace out America.

You haven't missed much since it's only been a few days since my last P-day, but you did miss Halloween so I'll give you the scoop on that. Here's a Halloween story for y'all: Obviously, we don't get to wear costumes or celebrate Halloween at the MTC, but the girls in my zone decided to do super subtle "costumes" because we try to squeeze out as much fun as possible at the MTC. So the obvious way to go is Disney princesses. We all wore regular church/missionary clothes that had a character theme to them. I got to be Anastasia. Which basically means I get to dress like a borderline hobo. Surprisingly, everybody agreed my outfit was the best because you could actually tell I was supposed to be Anastasia. So I'm sending you all of my Halloween pictures and some pictures from our last Sunday as a zone.



When it comes to elder flint, it’s probably better if you just don’t ask.

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