Monday, June 16, 2014

Suesdai Thngai Bon Ovpuuk!

You know what I hate? Being rushed through email. So sorry, this email is proably going to be rife with typos and bad grammar. We're going to Wat Banan today and its about 30 kilometers out, so we have to take a tuk tuk and everything and in order to be home in time we kind of have to leave early. I've been told this wat is pretty cool but lets be honest, I bike past fifty wats a day. Heck, I've seen monks doing their laundry at the wats. Seen one, seen em all. #watsonwatsonwats

Anywaysssss, this week was probably the most stressful week of my mission, and therefore logically the most stressful week of my life. I underestimated how hard it would be to serve in both of these branches. Battambang is HUGE. and two branches is just....insane. And while I love being in a trio, and I love being busy, I have to admit that I hope this situation lasts for only one transfer because I dont think its the best. My main problem is that I am splitting my time in the middle which means there are some people that get neglected and left behind because we simply cant make time for them. Ive got a list of 20 plus less-actives that I need to meet with, ON TOP of new members ON TOP of investigators. And thats just one branch. Theres just not enough time, and I hate the feeling that some people in my branch arent getting my full attention and arent getting the help they need. Luckily the members are really understanding and theyre always like"two branches?! you must be so tired sister!!" We're working hard, but its definitely stressful.

In other news, sister fife was just like "hey we gotta go, the wat's awaitin" and im like............i JUST started my family email. so are you ready for the shortest email EVER from me? k here we go:

this week we did service 3 times, all helping build people houses. One of them is for a member in third branch. Her name is Ming Roath. I'll tell you about her next week. But one of the thingsa about service that I MUST tell you is this:
I now know what it is like to be considered a second class citizen as a woman. Ive done lots of other kinds of service, but this is the first service ive done in building houses and such. and all the khmer men (incluiding some of the elders) are like "sister, you cant lift that piece of wood." "Sister thats too heavy" "Sister you cant use that nail hammer." And im like DANG PEOPLE IM A GIRL NOT AN INVALID.
the most obnoxious annoying thing EVR was when I went up to elder Mok and I was like "I WANT to help, what can I do?" and he looks at me and goes "You can go clean the dishes." No. One thousand levels of no. Elder brewer was there when it happened and he was like oh boy, whats gonna happen now. I was not happy after that, but eventually, i just climbed onto the frame of this house and started sawing stuff without permission. I just demanded a saw and was like "if you dont tell me what to saw, im just going to start sawing random things"  that worked pretty well.

Another cool thing that happened was a group of Americans from BYU came to BB. they are working for a charity called the Liahona Foundation. President Eng Buan Huoc led them up to BB from phnom penh. Anyway, they girls about my age, all BYU students and I was translating for them (PS I'm the worst at translating. Its simply not a talent of mine. Its wayyyyy hard). and afterwards i tried to talk to them and guess what? I cant talk to white people unless theyre missionaires i guess. I was SOOO awkward. Seriously, it was painful. Sorry guys. Ive lost any and all social skills. (and lets be real, i didnt have that many before)

And to end this simply fantastic and informative email, Sister Fife is telling Sister Ky the story of Peter Pan. Its an ongoing thing, and its hilarious. Im the illustrator. I draw pictures of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell and Captain Hook and Neverland while Sister Fife narrates and Sister Ky is just enthralled by the whole thing. "whaaaat?? wait sister what is pixie dust? A crocodile ATE his HAND?!!"  Shes so adorable. I love being in a trio and I love my companions. 

Okay im really sorry this was like the WORSt email ever but ive gotta go. I miss you guys a ton!!! Happy Fathers Day!! 

Love, SIster Davis

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