Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The tri-panionship

I'M IN A TRIO AGAIN!!!! throwback to my days at the MTC!!! I absolutely love being in a trio. I think it just works better when youve got three personalities balancing each other out as opposed to just two. Teaching is a little more difficult, but we seem to work it out pretty well already. The past two days have already been super fun. Suuuuuuper stressful but definitely fun. 
Stressful because, as it turns out, President Moon did NOT take sisters out of 3rd branch. Just a tiny miscommunication there.It turns out he actually wants our trio to serve in both branches. soooooo..................yeah. Dont get me wrong, I'm definitely excited. When I was trained in KC I was in two branches and I LOVED it. You're always busy, always doing something. BUT, this area is..........enormous. Have I told you that Battambang actually touches Thailand? Yep. And now I've two areas that are equally as big to cover. Luckily Sister Fife is here to help me out with third branch. She is awesome and so stinkin hilarious, she is always cracking me up.

My other companion is Sister Ky! She's my third Khmer companion and I love her. She's super sweet and a GREAT missionary. She and I are both sister training leaders together. She's also really westernized so she'll be like "Oh yeah, I really like Rihanna and Beyonce and One Direction" and I'm all like...................shut up. me too. It's great. 
Anyway, I got to take a super fun 7 hour busride to phnom penh, pick her up, and then take another 7 hour bus ride back the next day after a 4 hour leadership meeting. it was just delightful. No actually, I dont mind riding the bus and i LOVE going to the mission home so it wasnt too bad. 

Anyway, a whopping ZERO of our investigators came to church yesterday. I just told one of the other missionaries here and he was like "yeah....you should expect that. June is planting season." Delightful. So for all of June I get to hear my investigators tell me "Can't come to church! Gotta plant some rice!" (that was funnier in my head because i said it in a khmer accent). But other than that our investigators are doing okay. Ming Siyan's family has officially learned all of the lessons. right now we're just waiting for them to find a way to church, because if they cant come to church then obviously they cant get baptized. I have one investigator named Srei Beic and she is suuuper awesome. Crazy smart, and is genuinely interested in knowing "the truth". She asks tons of questions and she's almost done with the lessons too, so we'll see where that goes. Shes actually going to America in probably a few months to get married to a guy who lives in Pittsburgh. He lives like maybe 20 minutes away from Sis Cloud's hometown so Sister Cloud was like "Srei Beic we're gonna hang out when I go home!!!!!" Another really cool thing happened last Sunday with another one of our investigators, Sela. She is the younger sister of a member and she wants to learn really badly. She literally is already like "I wanna join! I wanna be baptized!" and she takes notes when we teach her and is just a GOLDEN investigator. The problem with smart people like her is this: they learn. I know right?! So she learns for literally like 10 hours on Sundays and absolutely cant come to church. It's kind of a cruel joke. Shes probably the smartest investigator I've ever had and she cant come to church. Major womp. ANYWAY. Last sunday sis cloud and I are sitting in church and sela starts to call us, so we run out of the meeting to answer the phone and shes like, "Hey! I'm at the gate!" And sis cloud and I are like............huh? Sis Cloud got all excited thinking that she was skipping class just to come to church. Alas, it was just a holiday (you dont even know how many random holidays cambodia has. you dont even know.) so she didnt have to go to school. granted it was just a tiny miracle, BUT a miracle nonetheless! Because now she knows what church is like and hopefully she'll try to come back again! So those are most of the updates on my investigators.

Oh, I've been meaning to tell you guys this for a while but its pretty insignificant so i always forget. I've learned a little Vietnamese! I know how to say "Hello", "Can I have some soup?", and "I'm going to hit you in the head."  Really useful. Tonal languages are a piece of cake. (just kidding; if sis litchfield heard me say that she's most definitely hurt me). 

Oh another cool thing that happened while I was in the leadership training meeting: Theres this one missionary named Sister Kuoch. She's Khmer and was actually Sister Homer's comp before I came to the country. And shes probably the most adorable thing I've ever seen. So she was sitting near me during the meeting, and she doesnt know a lot of english. She uses headphones to get a translation and she also sometimes has people translate for her. She actually knows enough to talk and converse but shes still shy about it I think. Anyway, during the meeting, President Moon asked the missionaries how they felt about having new stakes in Cambodia, and sister kuoch raises her hand, takes off her headphones, and stands up to speak. She didn't get much out other than how happy she felt. But she was so emotional when she spoke it made me a little teary (and President Moon too). You dont know how long these people have been waiting to see the church progress in their country. It is sooo important to them, and such an incredible milestone for their country. And for people like Sister Kuoch, who have sacrificed so much to serve a mission in their home country, its like a dream come true. Thanks for being excited with me, guys. It really does mean a lot.

I think thats all for this week. I'll try not to die serving in two Battambang branches. I think this might be the most stressful transfer of my mission but probably a really fun one too! Love you guys and miss you tons! Talk to you next week! Peace out,
Love, Sister Davis

 ​My two new companions!!! theyre so awesome. 

 ​Here's a good story: So we were coming back from an appointment with a member, and it had started raining hardcore while we were teaching. And in Cambodia theres this nasty light brown clay that, when it gets wet, kind of turns into a quicksand-like trap. Its like, the more you have stuck to the bottom of your shoes, the more attaches itself until the mud on your feet weighs five kilos.  It also gets stuck on your bike tires and jams it up pretty bad, until the wheels literally dont move. So sis Fife's bike got it pretty bad and just as we're standing in the rain trying to help her, three boys (the children of the member we had just taught) come by and are like "Sisters! you got caught in the mud!" and they all rallied around to help clean out sis fife's bike for like 20 minutes. they were so cute. Dont worry, i gave them candy to say thanks.

​I got to see Sis Thain and Sis Egelund at the mission home during transfers! Sis Egelund is headed back to Vietnam already.
 ​                             Sister Cloud and I making what I think are supposed to be pirate faces

                                                     ​All the missionaries: Pirate Night!

​Elder jensen, Elder Plothow, Sister Fife and I were all born in Kampong Cham Branch 2 so we took a pic together. Technically I'm a half breed because I was born in branch 1 too but they let me join in anyway.

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